What is Japanese National Health Insurance?
& How Does It Work?

“YES, We accept Japanese National Health Insurance”

What is Japanese National Health Insurance?
“Japanese National Health Insurance” is a highly complex area that creates confusion for many foreign patients. Most of your dental treatment: cavities, root canal treatment and tooth extraction will be covered by the insurance. However the goal of insurance policies is to provide only basic care for specific dental services and benefits. The selection of non-covered services is not based on what you need or want, but is based strictly on the insurance policies.
Elective Dental Treatment
Some services are typically not covered by national health insurance. These include: High quality care of Prevention & Maintenance your teeth and gum and teeth, Cosmetic dentistry, Whitening, and other services. Although these are important dental services that can greatly enhance the quality of life of our patients, the government does not feel that they should have to pay for these services.
Our Philosophy
Our office remains dedicated to providing optimal care for every patient and working with you to achieve that goal. We pride ourselves on helping you in any way and in continuing to provide the quality of care to which you have become accustomed.
Convenient Payment Options
Our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive dental care available. An important part of this mission is making the cost of optimal care as easy and manageable for our patients as possible. To assist you with your dental care investment, we provide the following payment options:

・Visa/MasterCard/Diners/JCB/AMEX – we accept major credit cards as payment for treatment.